Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Media Artifact Reference

To give you an idea of how media artifacts works I have put up the one I did last year with my partners for the class along with the questions we asked. You can use this as a reference when your creating your own media artifacts this semester.



1. How is this progressing or digressing the feminist movement?

2. When the general public views this video how are they educated about feminists?

3. How does this educate us about men?

4. What does this tell teenagers who haven’t been exposed to women studies or media analysis courses?

5. How does this educate us about the LGTB community?

6. What is this trying to sell us?

7. “Women’s bodies are not present in “Telephone” for male pleasure, they do not progress a male storyline, nor are women defeated for male purposes of sex or domestication. Women are not “othered.”-Electric Emily, Jukebox Heroines.
Do you agree with this blogger?

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